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Gallery 222 Showing

We invite you to join us and spend some time viewing our newest art exhibition...



Living With the Land

Artist's Statement:

Living on the land my great grandfather settled on in the 1880s is hugely inspiring for me. I think about him every day and on every walk, I take through this beautiful land that I call home. There are always so many interesting sights and “moments” on the lake and the surrounding lands. I’ve loved taking photographs since my first film camera was gifted to me in my teens. I especially have always loved the sky at sunset and sunrise. Owning a tourist camp, I find that taking photos is a great way to promote the camp, while also documenting our journey and way of life. I’m also involved in our area’s business association. Several of my photos are in the business directory brochure. I enjoy promoting the area in hopes of creating interest for more visitors. This is only my second time showing my photographs; I entered three photos into a show at the Callander Museum just before Christmas 2021. By request, I have also sold a few to guests at my camp and at a trade show pre-pandemic. I also like to take candid shots of people. My 5 grandchildren are my number one subject, and I have done casual photos for weddings and other public events.

- Tamara Bain